Drama shoot - The Interview Room - pick ups

A very nice afternoon spent shooting some additional shots with this chap. Don’t mess with him!

Audi - commercial shoot

A day spent squinting in the dark, directing this ad for the new Audi A7. Some pics below from the studio day filming light sequences.

Drama shoot - The Interview Room

An incredible day shooting with 4 immensely talented actors delivering stunning performances. My new short 'The Interview Room' is well and truly in the works now, can't wait to see it finished, it's gonna be an absolute belter.

Short film - The Meeting

Very pleased to share a new short drama The Meeting, here:

THE MEETING, drama, 4mins

A journalist gets way more than he bargained for when he sets out to blackmail a powerful MP.
Never mind #Brexit or #FakeNews, journalist Adrian Hamil thinks he's got the biggest scoop in history of British politics. His plan to blackmail MP Thomas Elliot, a senior member of the cabinet, doesn't exactly go as he had expected. Who will come out on top in this tense political drama?
Short, drama, 4mins.

Thomas Elliot, MP - Alistair Findlay
Adrian Hamil - Maxwell Cavenham

Writer - Jamie Tighe
Director, Producer, Editor - Ross Shepherd
Director of photograpy - Aadhar Gupta
Music, Sound design - Joe Hogan
Gaffer - Sam Robinson-Horley
1st AD - Dave Calub
1st AC - Nick Galbusera
Hair & make-up artist - Sarah Scott
Art director, stills photographer - Enya Belak Gupta
Special thanks for location - Uri Enoch
Equipment hire - Pixi Pixel

Drama shoot - The Meeting

Shot a new drama short this week - The Meeting. Written by Jamie Tighe, DOP Aadhar Gupta, starring Alistair Findlay and Max Cavenham.

Pics from the shoot below taken by Enya Belak Gupta.

Hushed - short drama

Chuffed to finish this new drama short - check it out!

HUSHED, drama, 4mins

A mother and daughter struggle to deal with the aftermath of a terrible family secret becoming known.

Mary will do anything to protect her family. When her daughter Jane makes some serious accusations regarding the behaviour her step father, Mary will do everything she can to contain the situation and attempt to resolve matters behind closed doors. But Jane doesn’t see it that way. And she’s going to fight as hard as she can until everyone, including Mary, will sit up and listen to what she has to say. What has driven Jane to this point? And what can Mary do to try and control the situation?

KIA - commercial shoot

I recently directed this online ad for the new KIA Sorento.

Here's the 60sec version and some pics from the shoot.

Commercial - Gardeners' World at 50

I directed these videos for BBC Gardeners' World 50th celebrations - it was the first time Monty and Alan have ever appeared together onscreen, they had a lot to talk about!

New short film - Untold

My latest short film, Untold is now finished!  Check it out below:

UNTOLD, drama, 6mins

Two lovers meet for one last time as their relationship hits the rocks, in this tense drama.

Megan is desperate to rekindle her relationship with Tom. She's been texting and calling him for days with no reply, until finally he's  agreed to meet her. Tom is married to Anna, his affair with Megan has fizzled and his treatment of her has become worse than normal, even by his standards. All he wants now is to move on and leave their fling behind him. But Megan has other ideas. What will happen as the former lovers meet? And what is the secret that Megan has been harbouring?

Director, writer, producer, editor - Ross Shepherd
Director of photography - Ed beck
Music, sound design - Joe Hogan
1st assistant director - Charles-Henri Joslain
Camera assistant - Stephen Chandler
Production assistant - Dave Calub
Sound recordist - Michael Chubb
Make-up artist - Lauren Gregory

Short film - Megan

Back in February last year, I finally shot a new fiction short film project: Megan (working title). Shot in a day, on a very cold, wet and dark day, it was a great experience and I'm pleased with how the edit is shaping up.

SEAT - commercial shoot

Two very nice, long days (and a bit of a night) shooting 3x 30sec ads The car's the star! Well actually, the kids are..

Purina - commercial shoot

TV ad shoot - Radio Times

Shell - commercial shoot

A one day shoot for 3x 20sec commercials. Child actors, members of the public, no sunlight = a very long day. But we got good stuff!

Top Gear test track - promo video shoot

Spent a day shooting at the iconic Top Gear test track last month, directing this promo. There were lots of electric vehicles being showcased on the day, the only problem with electric racing cars is that you cant hear them coming. This is especially a problem when you're stood in the middle of Hammerhead corner looking the wrong way! Racing drivers don't want to slow down for film crews.. who can blame them.

Victorian Undead - shoot pics

Zombie time!